About our Soy/Coconut Wax Candles

About our Soy/Coconut Wax Candles

I wouldn't blame you for thinking that we candle makers just pour some melted candle wax plus smelly stuff and a cotton thing into a container and voila, a soy candle.

No, really, its totally scientific, but super cool too, and its taken me a while and many, many candles burned to test, test and test again. So to get the FAB candles we sell at Orange Grove. Hours of research, but let's not get too carried away but it was a LOT.  And I loved every moment.  I had candles burning all day here and it was great to see what worked best.

I won't bore you with the details but let me tell you, there needs to be some serious magic and ahem... talent, to produce these beauties.  There are terms to learn, such as cold throw, hot throw, wick sizes,  and really its baffling to start with, and when you get it wrong it's just heartbreaking.  Maybe I'm being a bit drama queen, but it's extremely expensive making these wonderful candles, saying that we ohh so love to think of you, your family, your home, with our candles there making you happy.  

There is a saying...I have too many candles, said no one ever.

So...We test and test and test again to get the perfect candle with the perfect container, wax, wick, fragrance as well as long burning and all the rest of loveliness.

To wrap it up, a last few points to inspire you with a love of these beauties.

1. Fabulous wax, yes the very best as in Coconut/Soy wax, sustainable, super premium, and best for scent, clean burning, long burning, and all the good stuff we need from our candles.

2. Fabulous Fragrance, safe, and imported with all the necessary standards taken care of. These preciously expensive smellies come at a hefty price but we do everything in production to ensure you get the absolute most from them. We admit to having a slight addiction to fragrances, yes, all of us!

3. Containers...oh my, a mine field, not that many choices here in NZ, but when we find our love, we have to be prepared to pay top dollar, and we do, because isn't the decor thing supremely important as well as the fragrance?

4.  And the WICK.  Cotton or wood, well cotton is easy, but Wood is sexy, pretty, unique and it crackles softly, you have to love them and Orange Grove prides ourselves on using mostly only wood wicks.  If we are able to find the curvy wide ones we are in heaven. The stocks come and go.

I could go on and on but will spare you by not mentioning anymore, but think for a minute of the temperatures for adding and pouring, for the percentages of this and that.  I tell you its really scientific, if you want to get the best out of the end product.  And we SO do.  Anything less just doesn't cut it.

And lastly, if you're still reading, we package in lovely ribboned boxes, and we have a great range, have a look here

We love it when you buy our candles and appreciate them as we do.  Please dont hesitate to ask us questions, request something special, or just say hello!

Wendy xxx
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