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Orange Grove


Soy Candle

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We all love our mum and she deserves a treat on Mothers day dont you think?  We have two, a large, this one, and a smaller one here.

These are made to order and will be the same as this while stocks last.  We will be in touch should we need to change any items, you may also pick up in Kerikeri central too.  Just choose pickup at checkout.

    Who wouldn't want a special treat like this?  Perfectly packaged - always Eco-friendly at Orange Grove. Very reasonable priced.

    This larger great value box is made up from;

    • A medium, quality keepsake box
    • 1 hand made by Orange Grove Soaps with a soap bag, see the benefits here
    • A bottle of sugar scrub with Rose Geranium essential oil
    • A shampoo bar in a tin, fabulous for mum to try if she hasn't before, very eco (no plastic)
    • Some cotton hand crocheted face scrubbies. (Not shown in photo of box)
    • A luxurious foot soak bomb - soak in boiled water till dissolved, add some cold and slip those tired feet into deliciousness relaxation, breathe in the essential oils.  Relax. (Not shown in photo of box)

    If an item in this gift set becomes unavailable, we will replace it with another item of equal or greater value which matches this gift set theme but will check with you first.

    Personal note available to add.


    Soy & coconut wax, fragrance

    Fragrances at Orange Grove
    Our fragrance oils are a mixture of natural oils and synthetic compounds in a soy derived base oil.

    They are are all Phthlalate free.

    Each ingredient is independently tested by RIFM, the International Scientific Authority for the Safe Use of Fragrance Materials.

    RIFM engages in research and evaluation of fragrance materials through an independent Expert Panel to determine safety in use.

    They gather, analyse and publish scientific information for use by the fragrance industry. All of our fragrances meet RIFM standards for safety.


    Weight (of wax): 250g
    Our candles are
    • Highly Purified Fragrance Oils
    • 100% Phthalate Free
    • Burn Time 60 Hrs Approx
    • Made by hand in New Zealand
    • Vegan


    First Burn – When you light your soy candle for the first time
    allow the wax to burn across the entire surface to the edges of the container. This will assist in preventing tunneling & help promote an even burn for the duration of the candle’s life. For safety reasons DO NOT BURN your candle more than 4 hours at a time.

    Trim Wick Before Every Use – It is normal in Soy Wax
    for the wick to mushroom. This is easily fixed by trimming your wick to 6mm.

    Trimming will ensure your candle does not burn hotter than it
    should & thus will prolong the life of the candle. Trim the little
    ball on the end of your wick to keep your candle burning gently, be sure not to cut it too short or it will become engulfed by wax.

    Avoid Draughts – Keep candle away from draughts
    & vibrations around the home so as not to disturb the flame &
    help to keep an even clean burn.

    Putting Candles Out – It is always best to use a
    Candle Dipper rather than blowing out to prevent wicks from drifting off center.
    This will help to maximise the candle’s burn time.

    Keep The Burn Pool Clean – If you get any black at
    the rim of your glass, simply wipe it away with a tissue, this may be a sign that your wick is too long.

    End of candle – Extinguish the flame when there is
    approx. 6mm of wax in the bottom of candle jar. It is time to clean the jar, refill or repurpose it & grab yourself another Orange Grove candle :)

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