Orange Grove Bath Truffles
Orange Grove Bath Truffles
Orange Grove Bath Truffles
Orange Grove Tub Truffle


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Bath truffles are like bath melts, which melt in the warm water of your bath as you run the water, but they have a bit of a cool fizz to them.  This gets the fragrance out into the air for you to enjoy. 

What could be better than relaxing in a nice warm bath and nourishing your skin in the divinely fragrant butters and oils; the perfect indulgence your skin will feel amazing.

Available with different fragrances, these pictured are rose and lavender.  They come beautifully packaged in groups of 5.  Use one or two at a time when you need some ME TIME.


Run your bath and pop one or two into the water and watch as it fizzes releasing its lovely scent.  Enjoy your luxury bath.  Pat your skin dry to allow the butters to absorb into your skin, leaving it moisturised and smelling wonderful.

Shea butter, Citric Acid, Rose petals, Essential Oils and Fragrance (skin safe).   We may add some Mica or natural colour eg Rose powder.

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