Herble Bath Tea Bags and how they work

Since ancient times, people have believed that bathing in a spring, sea, or river resulted in physical and spiritual purification and thereby in the improvement of one’s health.

Herbal bath soaks are a great way to soothe the senses and the skin all while bathing.  We grow our own flowers, herbs and leaves here and dry them to pop into little muslin tea bags.  They can be used a few times.

A herbal bath can improve the condition of your skin, or soothe it if suffering from rashes, burns or a lack of moisture. They are also widely used because of their cosmetic purposes as they can improve the look of your skin and provide pleasant and long lasting fragrance, naturally.

Not recommended for pregnant women.

Chamomile for a Calming Herbal Bath

Chamomile is one of my favorite herbs for bath soaks. It is great for the skin and the hair. The flowers of this fragrant herb can be easily added to the bath to provide you with a scent that soothes away stress.

The gentle flowers are also a great bath addition for children right before bedtime, having a calming effect much in the same way chamomile tea does.

Lavender for a fragrant bath soak

Lavender is a great plant to use to aid in stress relief and to bring on sleep.

Rosemary for a Cleansing soak

The deep cleansing properties of rosemary clear and cleanse pores that are clogged with dirt, oil, and other products that you regularly use. The light fragrance that is added to the bath is soothing without being overly flowery.

Lemon Balm a soothing bath soak

Lemon balm is a bright, citrusy herb that provides you with benefits similar to lavender, but without the floral aroma. Perfect for calming nerves,