Frequently asked questions

At this stage no we do not ship internationally.

CAN I ONLY PURCHASE PRODUCTS THROUGH THE WEBSITE?  We currently have this online website ordering but you are able to pick up if you are in local Kerikeri or nearby.  Just contact us or choose pick up on ordering.

HOW MUCH IS SHIPPING?  We have a flat rate of $7 for orders under $40, orders over $80 receive free shipping.

HOW LONG BEFORE I CAN RECEIVE MY ORDER?  We try to ship your orders on next business day after your order is placed.  Please give us 1 - 3 days, especially if its a weekend, but if its urgent let us know by email.  Rural takes a little longer.

WHERE ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED?  All Skin Essentials products are made by Wendy in Kerikeri, Northland, NZ.  By hand, with love.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS REALLY NATURAL?  When possible, mostly all the time, we choose natural ingredients over synthetics in all formulations. 
As with natural ingredients, care and knowledge is essential for safety.
If we do need to use anything other than pure butters and oils, the ingredients will be listed on the product page.

We are proudly very eco-friendly with our packaging, we use sustainable resources and honest sources.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS VEGAN?  Most of our products are vegan, we love vegan and I will be going through our products and marking the vegan ones.

DO YOU TEST PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS?  Never, ever, ever.  All of our products are cruelty free.

ARE THE PRODUCTS SAFE TO USE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES?  All products were formulated to be safe for all skin types but if you have specific concerns, please consult your doctor with the list of ingredients found on the website.

We recommend storing your products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.  In the heat of summer, some body butters may need to spend time in the fridge, but it needs to be really hot for this and is soothing to use once chilled.

DO YOU OFFER PRODUCT REFILLS?   From day one, our business has incorporated eco-friendly packaging.  Due to the strict hygiene regulations we are unable to refill your products, we do encourage you to place the glass containers in your recycling and the courier bags in the compost.


Why wear a sleep mask?

What is a soap bag for and why use it?
A soap sisal bag is made from 100% knitted natural sisal yarn. It is designed to put your bar of soap in, or collect leftover pieces of soap to put in the bag so you can really use the ends of the soap you have.

Simply pull the drawstring to close and use as a sustainable alternative to your shower gel in the bath or shower. It is of course reusable. All you need to do is replace your soap once you’ve come to the end of the bar. The material is fairly rough in order to exfoliate, but isn’t harsh on the skin.

Benefits of a sisal bag

  1. Your soap will lather up much better and quicker – the sisal bag gives it the traction to get a good amount of soap coming off.
  2. It exfoliates the skin whilst you wash. Exfoliation of course gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation, so many health benefits.