A Hot Bath Can’t Solve Everything, but It Can Lower Stress—Here’s How to Make Your Soak Even More Relaxing

A relaxing bath is a great way to decompress. Few things melt away the ordinary stresses of daily life like a sudsy soak.

When life becomes so stressful and a tad overwhelming, it is almost essential to take some "me time" and take care you YOU.

Settling into a calming bath is the ultimate pause button since you are forced to sit in one place and come to peace with your surroundings in that moment.

Orange Grove Bath ProductsThe finest additions to your bath are of course from us at Orange Grove, stashed in the bathroom cupboard for emergencies or just a pamper "treat yourself" session.  Why not?

Add some...
  • chilled music from your phone - Spotify is great for this
  • a couple of candles with the lights down 
  • a bath melt or bath truffle (we make the best ;))
  • Orange Grove bath salts which include Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Essential Oils eg Rose and Lavender, flower petals and Dead Sea salt
These gorgeous goodies waft essential oils up and into your nostrils to your limbic brain system and into your body where they can work their magic.

AND close the door!  Its absolutely possible to train the family to respect your time out, I know, I did it myself without having to shout or beg. 

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