Collection: Crystal Candles

This is our luxury, special candle range, they are just gorgeous!!  They make a stunning gift and are elegant and very eye catching in any decor style.  They also smell divine.

We believe crystals help create a positive experience in peoples life. Whether you choose Rose quartz for a little extra love in your world or burn our Peace candle with amethyst to ease your mind and bring a little inner peace, it has been shown to us that the crystals can add more to your world. So we have made a perfect range, we think!

Hand poured and decorated by myself with utmost care, the are crystals intuitively chosen by my lovely supplier Sheri and then myself. Then they are carefully decorated with botanicals and the crystals.

Available in different sizes and presented in quality boxes, they are very luxury items.

The candles will all be slightly different but each and every candle is especially designed and made personally by myself with great care and much love.
Crystal Candles