We dont need a reason to celebrate, every day is a good reason. 

Orange Grove candles celebrate every single day, with gratitude and joy. 

It might sound strange but as a cancer survivor, its my mantra, and I truly love my candles and know many, many people who love them too. 

The scent of a candle helps to take us to an emotional level. We are drawn to scents that make us feel a certain way, so if a candle has a particular scent, then it’s bound to help create a romantic, happy, mindful frame of mind. 

Coconut & Lime = Summer, Orange, Clove & Cinnamon, Christmas or winter times.  So good.

We choose our scents carefully to invoke great memories or feelings within you, and we aim for CALM, HEALING, HAPPINESS and all those good feels.

Presented in large elegant containers with cotton wicks and a bamboo lid to keep fragrance in and dust out.