These Lavender and vanilla milk bath salts have been a favorite for many years.

The milk and oatmeal make it incredibly soothing for irritated skin. And the lavender oil and Epsom salt help settle an irritated mind.

Turn off the lights, light your Orange Grove candles, begin the vibes of your fav play list and pour a few tablespoons of this very special mix into your running bath water.  Breathe in the luxurious fragrance, step in and relax.  Its your ME time now.

You can turn your bath into a relaxing at-home spa experience and nourish your skin.  Especially fab for winter and if your skin is itchy, the oats work miracles on soothing those scratchies.

Made with Goats milk, natural whole milk, Epsom salts, bicarb, essential oils and finely ground oats, you cant get much better, and it smells divine. 

Vanilla and Lavender essential oils, fabulous!  My fave is the goats milk and oats.

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